We’re only one Phuket company providing new cars (2016-2017 year)

Unlike many popular transfer booking platforms, we provide exact car that was booked (not something similar), because all offered cars belong to our company. We don’t work with local taxi drivers.

We hire most experienced drivers (many of them we know for many years, because they previously drove for our investor or its other transportation suppliers)

Booking via website

We added to our system most of popular hotels, villas & other locations.  To find your place please start typing your location name & then choose it from offered variants. If your location is really missing, you may notify us & we’ll add it immediately or just choose beach/town name (where your hotel is located) and on the next page in the Remarks field put your exact location name or address.

We always track your flight, so just set the pickup time nearest to your planned landing. For departure transfer (if you didn’t book fast track service) we recommend to set pickup time so that to arrive to the airport at least 2 hours in advance of flight departure.

Just fill all your trip information into booking module & press CHECK AVAILABILITY button. All available cars with applied prices with be shown immediately.

We recommend to book service at least 12 hours in advance (this gap is applied if you’re trying to make booking between 18:00 – 08:00 Phuket time). Daytime we may provide car at least 4 hours in advance of service time. We may try to serve you even if you need a car in 1 hour, but that booking can be made only by call to our hotline.

You may to book each service one by one via website or you may send us your request with your travel itinerary & we will provide quotation. If accepted, we book all services by ourselves & just send total invoice to you (if payment by cash can’t be allowed for your booking).


Our minimal rate per each car is based in the first place on the price of car itself (how much we pay to dealer), average number of trips per day & distance between your pick up & drop of locations or number of hours (for hourly rental). Due to our garage is located not near the airport (we’re located in central part of the island), even for 10 minutes transfer we have to charge our minimal rate.

Our rates are fixed. We may provide some discount only if you book more than 1 service. And it depends on your travel dates as well. For example, you shouldn’t expect any discount even for round way transfer if your holidays are between 20 Dec – 15 Jan or during Chinese New Year.

Also we can discuss special rates if you require our services for many days.


It’s secured & processed by Kasikorn Bank (one of the leading & reliable banks of Thailand). We don’t have any access to your payment & card details.

We may reject your booking with cash payment method if your booking is far in advance of service day.
It happened before, that guests changed their travel plans & forgot to notify us about that. A few times guests booked wrong arrival dates & we sent car to airport in vain.

Also some particular nationals on arrival tried to negotiate lower price & refused to pay until we agree. If we consider you as unreliable payer, we have the right to request advance payment for confirmation.

These services are provided under cooperation with Airport Immigration Department & ground staff. They have cancelation terms that are different from our ones. If you changed your travel plans the same day of your arrival (even if it’s happened at 00:01 & your flight is scheduled to land in Phuket 23:59), we’ll be charged by those appropriate Airport branches & we have to charge you accordingly. Even so we can make partial refund for our car cancellation if deadline time didn’t pass yet.

For travel agents

Dear Travel Agents, we actively cooperate with many local & oversea partners who are interested in our services for their guests. For more details about cooperation terms & conditions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.